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Jonny Hannah print for The Museum of British Folklore


This print by Jonny Hannah for The Museum of British Folklore is an intriguing piece of artwork linked to an intriguing project. The museum doesn't exist yet, but Simon Costin hopes to create one with the aim of celebrating the weird and wonderful traditions and customs of Britain. As a taste of what could come, this summer he's taking a converted 1976 Coverton caravan around the country, filled with artifacts and ephemera from his collection. 

The artist Jonny Hannah works as a commercial illustrator and also put things out under his own Cake & Ale press. His amazing print promotes the tour and illustrates both the caravan (which is a work of art in itself) and some of the customs it celebrates. As I can't identify nearly enough of them, I'll clearly need to pay a visit when it stops somewhere near me! 

The print is a limited edition run and each print costs £75. 

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