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Charlie Ware’s Morris Minor centre


For the average driver with limited mechanical knowledge, a classic car can be quite a daunting prospect, which is why Charlie Ware's Morris Minor centre is so perfect. If you want a Morris Minor that is.

This Bristol-based garage offers up Morris Minors of all styles and all conditions – convertibles, saloons, travellers, vans or pick-ups, they have them all, most reconditioned to 'as new' standard.

As just one example, the 1969 maroon 4-door saloon pictured here has a 1300 engine, 5-speed Toyota gearbox,disc brakes, telescopic front and rear shock absorbers and 13 inch wheels, not to mention a sporty finish chassis guarantee and conversion to unleaded fuel. £5,500 secures it – find out more and see all the other models at the site.

Charlie Ware's Morris Minor centre website

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