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Spineless Classics Prints


I was sceptical on first seeing these Spineless Classic Prints. Could a whole novel really fit into one print?

As F Scott Fitzgerald’s tale of the 1920s is one of my favourite books anyway, I was naturally drawn to The Great Gatsby print which has the words laid out as a profile of eponymous character with his beloved Rolls Royce. This is a fairly short book so I was willing to believe it could be done, but then I discovered that amongst the extensive range, War and Peace has been given the same treatment – although it is understandably spread across four prints rather than just one. There is a quite a wide range of texts to chose from including children’s classics, plays and a couple of non-fiction titles too.

Prices vary according to the length of the book/size of the print, but the Gatsby costs £44.99. Visit the Spineless Classics website to see all the choices.

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