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eBay watch: 1960s Arkana extending Tulip table and chairs


Be nice if the starting price was a little cheaper, but there's still much to appreciate with this Arkana extending Tulip table and chairs.

Arkana made these from the late '60s, copies of the Knoll design, which was around from the late '50s. Yes, space age design started earlier than you might think. The interesting thing here is that the table is an extender, offering much more space for a large gathering, as well as eight chairs to go around it. Obviously, it can 'shrink' back down, should you want to save on space at other times.

Four arm chairs and four without arms are included in the sale, with red and green covers, which are said to be in need of re-covering. There are also some 'knocks and scratches', but 'nothing that a good restorer couldn't rectify'.

So a lot of furniture for your money, but perhaps a bit of work needed to bring it back to its best. Still serviceable though and up for £299.

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