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Hans Bølling 50 year anniversary Tray Table


It's a piece that was only reissued relatively recently. But Hans Bølling's Tray Table has been given a bit of a make-over in celebration of its 50 year anniversary. 

If you're quick on the maths, you'll realise the original tray table came out in 1963. The original table, a famous piece of Danish design, features black and white trays in a beech frame which could be detached and flipped to reveal a colourful red or yellow reverse. The reissue changes up both the material and the colour of the trays to create a number of different options.

Pictured is the Blossom Pink version – the cheapest option – with pink and white trays set in a beech frame. In contrast to this very pretty effect, the most expensive version features storm blue coloured trays and a walnut frame, making for a look suitable for the most serious of entertaining. 

Prices start at £450.

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