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eBay watch: Penguin Donkey II bookcase by Ernest Race


We featured a reissue of one of these a few years back, so we know just much they sell for when new. That means we also know that this Penguin Donkey II bookcase by Ernest Race could be a bargain.

The original Penguin Donkey dates back to 1939. It was (and is) a small bookcase, designed to store your Penguin paperbacks, but versatile enough to store much more.

In 1963, British designer Ernest Race was asked to redesign it – and produced an equally iconic design, the one you see for sale here, offering the same kind of storage, which can also be used as a cool coffee or side table.

Downside to this one? There are 'several signs of wear and tear to this item', which are pictured on the listing. So it isn't perfect – and it isn't around the £500 you'll be paying for a reissue.

Right now, it is £84.

Find out more at the eBay website

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