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Paul Bommer’s Bingo Calls print

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Paul Bonner Bingo calls

Even if you already have a 'full house', I'm sure there's still room for something as fun as Paul Bommer's Bingo Calls print

You may remember Paul Bommer from his Cockney Alphabet we featured a little while ago. This new design celebrates another bit of language gradually being lost over time – traditional bingo calls. Bommer illustrates every single number in bingo from one to 90. Or from Kelly's Eye to Top of the Shop.

There are plenty of well known phrases along the way, such as Legs Eleven, Two Little Ducks, or Two Fat Ladies, and some more obscure ones too – do you know what numbers are referred to by I Love My Mum or Duck and a Crutch, for example?  

Available in red or green, the prints are a limited edition of 35. 

Priced at £145 each, you can order them online here.

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