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Retro robot clocks from Paperchase

Robot clock

Having trouble getting out of bed on these dark mornings? It might be a little easier, or at least a little cheerier, with one of Paperchase's retro robot clocks.

These clocks are charming creations. Made from metal, they're shaped like good old-fashioned robots, with mechanical-effect detailing on the ears, eyes and hands. Most importantly, their stomach display a classic clock face, so you've got even more reason to look at them. 

You can get them as straightforward clocks in red or teal. 


Black robot alarm clockOr, for just a few more quid, they become even more useful with the same look but the addition of an alarm clock function. There's a greater range of colours available on these too – pick from black, green, orange, charcoal or teal. 

The basic robots clocks are priced at £12, or you can buy the alarm version for £20. 

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