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eBay watch: Restored 1960s Bush RP50 record player

If you see the word 'Dansette', you are instantly looking at a hefty price these days. Other brands, less so. Which points to this 1960s Bush RP50 record player being a potential bargain.

More so because the seller is auctioning it with a low starting price, which is always nice to see. That same seller has restored the player too, with this one featuring a valve amplifier, high quality speaker, BSR record changer deck plus separate treble, bass and volume controls. There's also a new stylus fitted as part of the deal.

All of that has been overhauled, with cleaning of parts, balancing of the arm and a modern plug fitted. In other words, good to go with the sound of things.

£9.99 is the current price.

Find out more at the eBay website



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