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Fifties-style wooden coffee tables from Dotcomgiftshop

Fifties wooden coffee table

Dotcomgiftshop have long been known for their party bag/stocking filler type of reasonably priced products. But it looks like they are expanding their homewares range at the moment: good news for us when they're making pieces like these fifties wooden coffee tables

There are only a couple of styles to pick from, but the charm of these tables is in their simplicity. Choose from a four legged table with a blue oval top, or a tripod-legged stool with a red circular top. Each is made entirely from wood.

They'd look great separately, but would work well together – and looks like they are designed to as well: the red table is 39cm high, while the blue stands at 46cm. 

That difference is reflected in the price too: pick up the red stool for £49.95.and the blue stool for a tenner more. 


Red fifties table

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