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Campo Retro reproduction and vintage-style football shirts

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I have been meaning to mention Campo Retro for some time, but for some reason never got round to it. Today is the day though.

The relatively new company produces both classic replica football (or soccer if you prefer) shirts, as well as shirts and tops inspired by past eras, as well as their own t-shirt designs and tracktops too. There’s even a monochrome collection that is based on the times when games were shown in black and white!

So if you want a replica for a certain era (or one worn by a certain player), you can opt for something like the the Liverpool 1982 shirt above. But if you want something monochrome, check out the Empire Hoop Jersey below. Or if you want something based on classic colours without the badge and other detailing, check out something like the Bernabeu, also below.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, with a huge range for tops covering pretty much most major teams (and a few lesser-known names too), with many of the shirts able to be customised if you need or want it.

Pricing-wise, the ones pictured here are priced between £25 and £30.

Campo Retro website



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