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eBay watch: Vintage 1950s Telenorma industrial clock

I really love the look of this 1950s Telenorma industrial clock, which is just so ‘now’.

The clock was apparently produced in Germany by Telenorma in there 1940s or early ‘50s and has a look that’s incredibly contemporary despite being the best part of 70 years old. Possibly more. It’s all about the being so minimal.

The clock has a matt black case, a dial made of aluminium and a glass front. The hands might look plastic, but are actually metal. it is described as being in ‘good age-equivalent vintage condition’ with some inevitable signs of wear, but that probably adds to the character.

Just a battery needed to power it and £99 to buy it.

Find out more at the eBay website

Do check out the seller’s other items too, as there are many similar designs also for sale.


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