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Musical Motorways: Road to Nowhere prints by Dorothy

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Strangeways map

We love the work of Dorothy for prints that celebrate pop culture in a slightly different way, be that a rock n roll zoo or a gamer map. Their new musically-inspired Road to Nowhere collection is another great example. 

It's a collection of screen prints that imagines song and album titles as cities and towns on road signs. For their style, they borrowed from the distinctive designs for motorway signage devised by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert in the late 1950s. You could pay a visit to Strangeways with the The Smiths, as shown above, or a trip around a post-punk roundabout, as you can see below. 

With seven in the range to date, other designs are inspired by the work of bands including The Beatles, The Jam and Blur. 

Prices for an open edition print start at £30 each .

See the range online

Dorothy 0095 - Road To Nowhere - New Wave Web

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