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Roy Lichtenstein-inspired Pop tiles by Imola

We don’t feature a lot of tiles. Which is essentially because we don’t see a lot that blow us away. But we’re making an exception for these amazing Roy Lichtenstein-inspired Pop tiles by Imola.

That’s pretty much what this is – Lichtenstein-inspired art for your kitchen sort bathroom walls. But not just that. The illustrated tiles (all pictured below) are paired up with 10 bright colours with different textured finishes. After all, you couldn’t really go with just the pop art. So choose your colour, then break it up with your choice of artwork.

That’s the design dealt with, how about buying them? Well, that’s not so easy. The tiles are made in Italy and if you want to find a local seller, the best course of action is perhaps to contact the maker directly.

But we have found one UK seller of the range if you want to give them a try. That seller is the Horsham Tile Centre. Prices seem to be £1.47 each plus VAT.






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