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Owen Harvey captures modern-day mods

Owen Harvey captures modern-day mods
Owen Harvey captures modern-day mods

If you head over to Modculture you can check out an interview with Owen Harvey, who has been capturing the mod scene of the present day ahead of a Mod UK exhibition kicking off this week in London. Very hip, very stylish.

Read the Owen Harvey interview at Modculture

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Colette Sewing Patterns


It may be over 60 years since WWII, but the spirit of 'Make Do & Mend' is very much alive and well. Colette Patterns have embraced the resurgence of crafting and created a range of sewing patterns for vintage-inspired clothing.

They have a range of pieces on offer, from a selection of summer frocks to menswear, suitable for any level of sewing expertise. Each is easily adapted in a range of versatile fabrics and are available in modern sizes 0 to 18. Their website is also a haven for crafting whizzes and have-a-go novices alike, featuring tutorials and tips for trickier stitches and fancy finishing touches. 

Patterns start from $16 and are available from the Colette Patterns website.

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Download and make your own Hermes Kelly handbag


Buying one would mean a waiting list of at least three years and a price tag up to £30.000. Buy you can actually download your own Hermes Kelly bag right now for free.

The original was introduced in 1935, but gained the ‘Kelly’ name much later with its associations with the actress Grace Kelly. The downloadable version is much more modest than the exclusive leather version – made of paper, but with the option to customise.

Just download the PDF, print it out, cut it out, then glue the parts together. You’ll have your very own designer bag – for the price of the printer ink.

Download the bag from the Hermes USA website

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Reproduction retro artifacts from PopHouse

897s_supremesIt seems a shame that there’s not more reproduction of great vintage artwork and gig posters, but there’s a few more fantastically quirky choices available right now thanks to Pop House.

They sell a huge range of retro artifacts, from Betty Boop signs to Lone Ranger TV badges. My favourite item, though, has to be this fantastic reproduction of a Supremes poster.

The art is fantastic, and its surely a must have for any Girl Groups devotee. At a bargain cost of $10.95, how can you resist?

Find out more at the PopHouse website