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Suede Knee Skirt from Oasis


While mini and pencil skirts are the go to for many retro looks, there's plenty of untapped options from 20th century fashion. This Suede Knee Skirt from Oasis has a great late sixties/early seventies feel thanks to the cut and textural fabric choice.

Made from a warm camel shade of suede, the fabric is ideal for creating a stiff and structural a-line shape. With diagonal detailing, the high waist and knee length offer something that's both classic and unique among a sea of on the nose miniskirts and fifties floral numbers.

Get it now from Oasis for £70.

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Flannel A-Line Skirt from Topshop


With the trend for nude shades across the catwalks in Summer 2010, the use of these neutral shades is still easy to find on the high street. That's ideal for those looking for a 60s retro aesthetic, with camel shades providing an equally mod alternative to monochrome colour schemes.

This Flannel Button A-Line Skirt from Topshop takes advantage of mid-sixties inpiration well, using a simple a-line shape and high waisted cut. The tab and button details provide some military influence, while the neutral shade of both allows for the subtle femininity to stay intact.

Get it now from Topshop for £35.

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Quaint of the Art Dress from ModCloth


For a true sixites mod look from a retro piece, the simplicity of the design is often the key. Taking bold shapes and sharp lines together, this Quaint of the Art Dress from ModCloth is pitch perfect for any mid-sixties inspired wardrobe.

Tapping into a London chic from the time, this Quant-esque dress achieves the look through the simple a-line pinafore shape. The sleeveless cut works with a large, pierrot style collar and black border trim to create bold shapes and clean cut lines.

It's now new in at ModCloth for $77.99.

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Wool Mix Duffel Coat from Pepe Jeans


While duffel coats remain a classic retro wardrobe staple for the colder months, there's always room for a vintage inspired twist in womenswear. This Wool Mix Duffel Coat from Pepe Jeans combines the best elements from a variety of vintage outerwear looks to create a perennial retro chic.

The high neckline and peter pan collar combine with an A-line swing coat shape, giving an instantly mid-sixties silhouette. The duffel fastenings, limited to two at the neck, add some retro detailing without taking away from the elegance of the shape.

It's available now from ASOS for £125.

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New 50s A-Line Skirt from Vivien of Holloway


One of the UK's best vintage inspired designers, Vivien of Holloway, is always the place to find perfectly on point retro pieces to treasure forever. Providing a more versatile option than many of their occasion dresses is this brand new 50s Style A-Line Skirt.

Using a classic high-waisted circle skirt style, the silhouette is immediately fifties. Wearable with or without underskirts to change the impact, the addition of bright white trimmed pockets adds some kitschy housewife appeal, while the polka dot print and button fastenings keep it chic and simple.

It's available now from Vivien of Holloway for £45. Also available in red or navy polka dot fabric.

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Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Next


Once upon a time, before fashion's politicisation, fur was an unmistakeable signifier of your status as someone of both wealth and taste. Thanks to faux fur versions of everything, we can now achieve an homage to days gone by, without the dubious morals thrown in.

This Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Next is part of their latest sixties-inspired line, tapping into an Edie Sedgwick style. Hers was the look that tread the line between sharp style and just a little bit trashy to perfection. The swing style ideally carries the bold print and fabric choices, creating a look that's feminine without being overblown.

Get it now from Next for a thoroughly affordable £55.

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