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Denim Midi Skirt from Oasis


With the return of seventies influence currently spreading like wildfire across high street stores, there's plenty of influences from the era to choose from. Denim's comeback in much more than jeans is evident with pieces like this Denim Button Skirt from Oasis.

The midi skirt has an instantly seventies feel thanks to its almost-knee length hem and a-line shape, with button through fastening at the front. The use of a mid stonewash blue shade keeps things classic and timeless, providing a perfect piece of day-time retro fashion.

It's available now from Oasis for £45.

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Categories / Women's Fashion

Suede Knee Skirt from Oasis


While mini and pencil skirts are the go to for many retro looks, there's plenty of untapped options from 20th century fashion. This Suede Knee Skirt from Oasis has a great late sixties/early seventies feel thanks to the cut and textural fabric choice.

Made from a warm camel shade of suede, the fabric is ideal for creating a stiff and structural a-line shape. With diagonal detailing, the high waist and knee length offer something that's both classic and unique among a sea of on the nose miniskirts and fifties floral numbers.

Get it now from Oasis for £70.

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