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eBay watch: 1970s B&B Italia La Bambole sofa by Mario Bellini


You just know it's going to be comfortable – but this B&B Italia La Bambole sofa by Mario Bellini is actually a design classic too.

It's a chunky piece, designed in 1976 by Bellini and remade today – but you'll be looking at well in excess of £2,000 to secure a reissued one, which makes this all the more of a steal, especially with a leather finish. The design itself is unusual, with no rigid supports, no traditional armrests, no base frame and no feet. Just a great place to flop into.

Condition is down as 'very good', with only minor scuffs due to age, but there are no rips or tears to the leather. It's also Signed with printed manufacturer's mark to underside: 'B&B Italia Modelo Le Bambole Designe Mario Bellini'. Price? Right now it's up at just 7p. Yes, you really did read that correctly.

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