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Polka Dot Jacket from Warehouse


With fashion's eternal love of recycling ideas and adding new twists, it should be no surprise that retrospective design is no new thing. The 1980s had a particular fondness for fifties styles, reinterpreting pieces with a unique eighties slant.

This Polka Dot Jacket from Warehouse is really reminiscent of an eighties reimagining of fifties style elements. The 50s polka dot print is used in a simple but structured blazer, with the rolled 3/4 sleeves and hip pockets helping to create that relaxed androgyny of eighties mainstream fashion.

It's available from Warehouse now for £65.

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Classic Suit Jacket from Matalan


`Higher end designers may be moving away from early sixties suiting, thanks to the waning love affair with Mad Men style, but there's plenty of choice left in more affordable outlets. This Classic Suit Jacket from Matalan provides a hint of upper class 60s chic for the office or beyond.

The sharp cut achieves its retro credentials thanks to the feminine cropped bodice and slim sleeves, with a high collar creating just the right tone. In a bright monochrome colour palette, large buttons create the perfect Chanel-inspired styling without the price.

It's available now from Matalan for £28.

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Tribal Print Maxi Dress from Wallis


British and American fashion has for decades been infatuated with colours and prints from faraway cultures, with the sixties and seventies fully embracing African influence in the mainstream. The rich colours and print of this Tribal Maxi Dress share that influence, retaining a retro appeal too.

The maxi cut is a great backdrop to create an early seventies style, tapping into the time that hippy looks went overground. The halter neckline of this creates the sharper cut, while a long flowing maxi skirt keeps the bohemian feel intact. With a black bodice ensuring the print doesn't overwhelm the dress, the vibrant tribal print can shine.

It's available now from Wallis for £60.

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Polka Dot Court Shoes from New Look


Even the most perfectly chosen retro dress is nothing without the right footwear and accessories, making it tempting to snap up hundreds of pairs to suit every outfit. These Polka Dot Courts from New Look are the ideal choice to pair with a wide variety of looks, making accessorising simpler.

The shoes are subtle and classic, with a round toed court shape that is versatile. A stiletto heel adds some vampish appeal, while the polka dot is a sweet touch that lends itself to day or night time looks. Also available in black, this red pair capture a great fifties feel that doesn't need to try too hard to work perfectly.

They're available now from New Look for just £22.99.

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Red Temptation Mary-Janes by Melissa


Mary-Janes have become a classic in womens footwear, spanning generations with their retro appeal and versatility. While there are cheaper high street versions available, these Red Temptation II Mary-Janes by Melissa are irresistibly kitsch.

Made from the brand’s signature flexible plastic materials, the high shine goes beyond glossy patent leather to create a look that’s ideal for vampish fifties and sixties looks alike. The bombshell red, or alternative black shade are ideal for a shoe with simplistic structure and killer looks. As a cutesy finish, they even smell like bubblegum.

Get them online from Dollydagger in the UK for £75.

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Cherry Print Frame Bag from Oasis


Among a myriad of retro print choices, a perennial favourite that's back all over the high street is cherry print. An instantly rockabilly-styled fifties choice, this Cherry Print Frame Bag from Oasis provides a perfectly versatile vintage inspired accessory.

The structure is simple and classic, with a vintage style clasp frame and short chain handle. The candy-coloured cherry shade ideally captures the kitschy edge of fifties style, much easier to carry off in accessories for everyday wear.

It's available now from Oasis for £20.

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