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Icon blackboards from Ghost Furniture

We've previously featured the vintage blackboards of Ghost Furniture. They've given a twist to their designs with this new range of Icon blackboards.

The blackboards are each decorated with the silhouette of an iconic star. So you've got Twiggy sat in the corner of the frame that's pictured above, or you could pick Marilyn with skirt blowing up taken from The Seven Year Itch. Other designs feature Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, surely meaning there is one for any preference of style. 

Each blackboard is a unique piece, so prices vary. As an indication the Twiggy blackboard is being sold for £125. 

See them online

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Chalkboard Wall Graphic

The Chalkboard Wall Graphic is another product designed for those of us who tend to look back at school days with rosy-tinted nostalgia.

The graphic consists of a 60cm by 50cm rectangular piece of matt vinyl, which can be applied or removed easily from your walls as you fancy. It is supplied with a pack of coloured chalk for you to write with on the graphic, which can be wiped clean. 

The chalkboard graphics cost £21 each from Caroline McGrath.

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Three Potato Four and Urban Outfitters 3-P4 range

Chalk board
The name Three Potato Four may sound familiar as we featured their collaboration with Pedlars last year. They specialise in American, industrial-style vintage that's carefully collected, presented and sold through their website. They've teamed up with Urban Outfitters in the US (though sadly not the UK) to produce the 3-P4 range

The eight piece collection reproduces some of Three Potato Four's favourite vintage pieces, such as the chalkboard pictured above. With its retro typography, the chalkboard echoes the style of a found piece. The other objects in the collection share the same look, so you get patterned milk bottles, planters in the shape of old filing drawers and an industrial-looking clock. 

Prices start at $9, with this chalkboard costing $39. 

See the range online


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Vintage Reclaimed Blackboards

Although based in Northumberland, the aesthetic behind most of Ghost Furniture’s products is decidedly French.

One of their product ranges consists of Vintage Reclaimed Blackboards, which are created using frames and blackboards found in flea markets and shops in or around Paris. The frames are painted with a matt paint mixed especially for Ghost Furniture in France. The blackboard pictured here also includes a piece of vintage lace and a vintage tin suitable for storing the Vintage French Dressmakers Chalk, which is supplied with each blackboard. This particular example is priced £65, but others in the range cost up to £125.

Buy the vintage blackboards online from Ghost Furniture’s store at Not on the High Street.