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Chalkboard Wall Graphic

The Chalkboard Wall Graphic is another product designed for those of us who tend to look back at school days with rosy-tinted nostalgia.

The graphic consists of a 60cm by 50cm rectangular piece of matt vinyl, which can be applied or removed easily from your walls as you fancy. It is supplied with a pack of coloured chalk for you to write with on the graphic, which can be wiped clean. 

The chalkboard graphics cost £21 each from Caroline McGrath.

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Three Potato Four and Urban Outfitters 3-P4 range

Chalk board
The name Three Potato Four may sound familiar as we featured their collaboration with Pedlars last year. They specialise in American, industrial-style vintage that's carefully collected, presented and sold through their website. They've teamed up with Urban Outfitters in the US (though sadly not the UK) to produce the 3-P4 range

The eight piece collection reproduces some of Three Potato Four's favourite vintage pieces, such as the chalkboard pictured above. With its retro typography, the chalkboard echoes the style of a found piece. The other objects in the collection share the same look, so you get patterned milk bottles, planters in the shape of old filing drawers and an industrial-looking clock. 

Prices start at $9, with this chalkboard costing $39. 

See the range online