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For sale: Modernist-inspired five-bedroom house in Bolton, Lancashire


There's a common misconception that all northern towns are made up long terraced streets and social housing, all of which is available for the price of a large family car. As the likes of the Domus house in Burnley and the Farnley Hey house in Huddersfield show, interesting architecture does exist in the northern half of the UK. In fact, here's another interesting property – this modernist-inspired five-bedroom house in Bolton, Lancashire.

The agent's historical details are virtually non-existent, but we believe it was designed in the late 70s, possibly the early 80s, with influences probably from both modernist and midcentury architecture. It was certainly designed and constructed by the current owners and sits fairly high up overlooking one of the main roads into the town and set in an acre of landscaped grounds. The exterior has certainly been well-maintained and updated over the years, while the interior has been given more of a traditional look. Although most of that (except maybe the entrance hall) would be easy to take that out and throw in the 'period' interior look it deserves.

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