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Lexon safe calculator

Lexon safe

We've featured the bamboo, retro-style Lexon Safe radio previously but the products in the range go beyond that piece to include clocks, flashlights and this calculator.

Designed by Elise Berthier and Pierre Garner, you can tell the calculator comes from the same design family as the radio. Its chunky keys and rounded edges give it that retro look while its got eco credentials too: solar powered and made from natural bamboo with a casing from corn starch bio-plastic. 

And the price for the calculator? It adds up to £21.40.

Buy it from Made in Design

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Komono Einstein 1980s-style digital watch


A blast from the past from a modern-day wristwatch – the Komono Einstein digital watch.

As you might have guessed, this is a calculator watch, all those keys on the front offering of basic (and not so basic) calculation. But it offers more that just that, including phonebook and schedule functions, an alarm, timer, stopwatch, world time and of course, the time in your home town in digital format.

Various colours to pick from, all selling for £29.99.

Find out more at the Extreme Pie website

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Urban Outfitters’ supersized retro calculator

UO calculator

With its retro looks and nice colours, this calculator from Urban Outfitters seems both a pretty and helpful way to tackle your sums.

However, order the calculator online and you might be in for a bit of a shock when it shows up: it's actually a supersized standard calculator and its length is a massive 22cm long! Its size will obviously make it less easy to loose it under a mountain of paperwork. 

Admittedly this gimmick isn't to everyone's tastes but if you like your 1970s-style at twenty-first century sizes, the calculator costs £15.

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