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Caravan Cookbook by Monica Rivron

You can tell that caravans are cool again by the spate of books on the subject, including this Caravan Cookbook by Monica Rivron.

The Rivron family (Monica is wife of comedian Roland Rivron) have been caravanning for over 10 years, which has given them plenty of experience of preparing meals in a limited kitchen space. The book contains recipes for simple, but tasty meals, as well as guidance on what essentials to bring along from home.

The book is available from Amazon, priced £8.46.

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eBay watch: Vintage Airstream caravan


We have featured recent models of these, but at a price in excess of £35,000, a new one is out of the reach of most of us. Alternatively, you can rent one for a holiday or you can bid for this vintage Airstream caravan on eBay.

Details are limited on this particular listing, but there are plenty of pictures to tell the story. The few details available say this is a 1976, 31ft, Airstream caravan that has 'just been imported' and is available for delivery. The downside is the state of the inside – let's just say a full refurbishment is required.

But with the price of those new ones being so high, this old model could prove something of a profitable project if you wish to take it on. £3,000 is the price. See the listing for lots of inside shots.

Find out more at the eBay website

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[email protected] 320 Retro Caravan

To some, caravanning has the romantic connotations of taking to the road in a vintage airstream trailer, whereas to others it's more associated with a wet weekend in Bognor. Whatever your take, it's undeniable that there's a certain romance to packing up and hitting the open road and the incredibly compact [email protected] 320 Caravan allows you to do just that and in retro style to boot.

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House of Chintz Lamp Shades

Pattern designer and painter, Kate Boyce produces homewares under the name House of Chintz. As that glorious name would suggest, her work is inspired by suburban English landscapes of days gone by.

Her lampshades are inspired by the landscapes she grew up with, and use her own photography, combined with scans of vintage floral fabric from the 70s and 80s. Pictured here is the Caravan of Love design, which includes the favourite mobile holiday home of the 70s; other designs show houses and streets. The lampshades measure 30cm in diameter and can be used for ceiling or on a base.

The shades cost £65 from Radiance Lighting.

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Elsy & Vine ‘Happy Days’ Cushion

Clare Vine, the designer behind Elsy & Vine, obviously has fonder memories of childhood carvanning holidays than I do because she has named her retro caravan cushion, ‘Happy Days’ cushion.

The cushion is made from knitted lambswool with a repeat caravan print on one side and a contrasting polka dot design on the reverse. It is available in either the turquoise colours shown here or a pink and grey version.

The cushion costs £46.93 from the Hidden Art Shop.

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Vintage-style hot water bottle covers at Caravan

Hot water bottle cover
Don't think we don't aim to bring you a little spot of retro for every part of your lives – and to prove our point take a look at these vintage-style hot water bottle covers available from Caravan.

In fact they also include a hot water bottle, but we're all about the cover which is a vintage looking floral design. It's printed on 100% cotton with a cotton velvet back and fits perfectly into the shabby-chic look associated with the Caravan shop. As the finishing touch to the design, the cover is tied with a pretty ribbon. There's also a second floral design available, this time in a turquoise colour scheme.  

The hot water bottle costs £35. 

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