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Faux Fur Cardigan from Miss Selfridge


For a quick injection of vintage-look decadence in any wardrobe, faux fur is a great option for outerwear and accessories. While the original style icons wore the real thing, this Faux Fur Plunge Collar Cardi from Miss Selfridge has all the style without the tricky morals, and at a fraction of the price to boot.

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Navy Bunting cardigan by Laura Ashley

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Nothing screams springtime and celebrations quite like bunting. The Brits have used any excuse to adorn surfaces left, right & centre with bunting since the 17th century and the recent resurgence of vintage-style street parties has brought it back into the spotlight once again.

How apt then that Laura Ashley, one of the great stalwarts of British fashion, have chosen to adorn this cardigan with bunting embroidery, and just in time for 29th April. It's made of 100% cotton to guard against the cool evening air whilst staying firmly in the party spirit.

£56 from Laura Ashley in store and online.