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Ikea 365+ Verner Panton-inspired Brasa table, floor and ceiling lamps


What are you thinking? Verner Panton's Panthella lamp? Or maybe the designer's Flowerpot lighting? The Ikea 365+ Brasa table, floor and ceiling lamps wouldn't look out of place sat next to either design.

But this is no Panton design, it's the work of A Nilsson, H Preutz and T Eliasson for Ikea and available in three colour options (red, black and white). The floor lamp is made of steel, with a pigmented powder coating, with a dimmer function and a plastic inner casing to prevent glare.

The pendant light is also made of steel, with a pigmented epoxy powder coating, while the table lamp has the same construction, again with that dimmer switch found on the floor version. You can see the table lamp over the page, with more details on the Ikea site. Prices are £90.89 for the floor light, with the ceiling light at £45.95 and table lamp selling for £60.26.

Find out more at the Ikea website

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eBay watch: Vintage ‘pop-art’ hanging lamp


Love the design and right now, this vintage 'pop-art' hanging lamp is available for next to nothing too.

Details are scarce, with the seller claiming it is from the 70s or 80s. If I was a betting man, I'd go for 80s, just because of that bold yellow colour, which is reminiscent of the era. It's made of plastic and has a diameter of a 34cm, with no cracks or indeed, wear and tear.

Just a penny right now on eBay.

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eBay watch: 1970s Henri Mathieu ceiling light


A very interesting and eye-catching space age design – this Henri Mathieu ceiling light.

According to the seller, the French designer produced this back in 1970, with a brushed aluminium construction and a lacquered inside, the gaps producing both the light and the lighting effect.

Some wear (see the large images on the site), but no dents, so nothing too serious to worry about. £14.50 is the price right now.

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Kare Design Sputnik Hanging Lamp discounted at Achica


We have mentioned Achica a few times – it’s an online ‘club’ that does short-term clearance sales of interesting brands. Indeed, they’ve got a clearance of Design House Stockholm right now, which is well worth a look. But we’ve picked out something from elsewhere on the site – this Kare Design Sputnik Hanging Lamp.

It’s a stunning, 1960s-inspired centrepiece for a room, made of chrome-plated metal with 20x 20 watt bulbs providing the light in the room. Bulbs, you’ll not be suprised to hear, are not included.

The entire structure is about 54cm high and around 53cm wide and usually sells for £249. But for the next day or so, you can get one from Achica for £149. So if you fancy a Sputnik, don’t hang about. Note that you do have to register at Achica to enter the site, but it only takes seconds and is free.

Achica website

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eBay watch: 1970s eyeball-style ceiling light and wall lights


If the colour doesn't convince you, the design is almost certainly a giveaway of the origins of this 1970s eyeball-style ceiling light and wall lights.

Yes, that's right, not just the light above, some wall lights thrown it too. But let's look at the main fitting first. That being a distinctive thing with chrome ceiling rose, orange 'stem' and three eyeball-style spotlights for targeting light around the room.

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