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Fiell Fashion Sourcebook: 1920s

1920s sourcebook
Fiell Publishing launch a new book series with their Fiell Fashion Sourcebook: 1920s.

The series aims to examine the fashions of the twentieth century decade by decade. This book (as the name suggests) takes a look at the twenties. There's an introduction that puts the fashion into context before it heads onto the main reason for buying this book – the images. There's over 600 of them for inspiration, spread over the 576 pages of the book, including photographs, illustrations and advertising. 

If this has fired your enthusiasm, you'll be pleased to hear the next in the series – looking at the fashions of the 1930s – is due out at the end of the June. 

The book is currently available for £21.21 on Amazon.

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1950s ‘Navy Daisy and Rose’ dress

The 'Navy Daisy and Rose' dress has been made exclusively for the V&A and is about as authentic as you can get without jumping in a time machine and going back 50 years to buy a similar outfit.

The dress has been adapted from a 1950s fabric designed for Horrockses Fashions, one of the most respected ready-to-wear labels of the late 1940s and 1950s.  The shape of the dress was developed from an original 1950s day dress in the V&A's archives and it has a fitted waist and bodice.

Along with it's exclusivity comes a price tag of £95, but you're paying for a true recreation of beauty, in 100% cotton. But yours online.