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The Art of Vintage Cocktails by Stephanie Rosenbaum and Danielle Kroll

Art of vintage cocktails

The Art of Vintage Cocktails by Stephanie Rosenbaum and Danielle Kroll not only includes a few pointers as to how to enjoy some of the twentieth-century's finest cocktail creations, the book's beautiful illustrations are also worth studying in their own right. 

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Fiell Fashion Sourcebook: 1920s

1920s sourcebook
Fiell Publishing launch a new book series with their Fiell Fashion Sourcebook: 1920s.

The series aims to examine the fashions of the twentieth century decade by decade. This book (as the name suggests) takes a look at the twenties. There's an introduction that puts the fashion into context before it heads onto the main reason for buying this book – the images. There's over 600 of them for inspiration, spread over the 576 pages of the book, including photographs, illustrations and advertising. 

If this has fired your enthusiasm, you'll be pleased to hear the next in the series – looking at the fashions of the 1930s – is due out at the end of the June. 

The book is currently available for £21.21 on Amazon.

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Darling Clementine and Ferm Living Marionette cushions


Back last year we showed you some of Darling Clementine's 70s cards and notebooks. The company has now teamed up with another Retro To Go favourite Ferm Living to introduce some of their distinctive artwork into the home with the Marionette cushions

The cushions feature four of their typically colourful characters: Frank Fox, Elle Elephant, Posy Panda and, the one with the best name, Aristo Katt. Although they are aimed at kids, I reckon a couple could sneak a few into your living room quite happily too.

The cushions cost 29.95 Euros each. 

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