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Retro Kitchen: Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set

Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set
Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set

Anyone for a Star Wars-themed kitchen? There is a surprisingly large number of kitchen-related items out there inspired by the classic movie series, with the latest addition being this Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set. Read more

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“Happle” Apple-Shaped Container

is an apple-shaped container reminiscent of the bold fruit designs of Enzo Mari.

Perhaps the most obvious use for the Happle is as an ice bucket, making a nice change from the usual pineapple shape, but the airtight lid means it could be used to store other food products too, such as biscuits. The lid can be used separately upturned as a bowl. The containers are available in two sizes, 18cm or 30cm.

The small size available to buy from many of the usual places, but TwentyTwentyOne stocks both sizes, costing £20 and £45 respectively.

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Retro print containers from Berry Red

Retro print container

More stylish storage for your home with this retro print containers from Berry Red. They are enamel tins decorated in a 1970s floral pattern, sure to look attractive on any shelf. Handily each container also has a window so you can check what's been put inside each one (or how much is left of vital supplies of things like tea and coffee!). 

Though two sizes of containers are pictured above, Berry Red only seem to be selling the larger size. At 26cm high, it costs £18.50. 

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