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Bourjois vintage-style limited edition make-up

Bourjois Paris

Bourjois have made it easy to add a touch of French chic to your look with their new set of limited edition make-up. They've used Parisian artist Nathalie Lété to create new packaging for some of their little round pots featuring vintage looking illustration of famous Paris landmarks for the collection, called Rendez-vous à Paris. 

The images are reminiscent of old-fashioned tourist souvenirs of the city with the Arc de Triomphe, for example, featuring on a pot of shimmering white eye shadow while a blusher case shows the Eiffel tower. The result manages to capture some of the romance of the city and reflect the long of the association of the city with fashion and cosmetics. 

The range is available exclusively at ASOS in the UK. At £5.85 for an eye shadow and £6.85 for the blushers, it probably works out cheaper than going to Paris and buying them there! 

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