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Officially licensed James Bond limited edition prints by Michael Gillette


If you have a good memory, you might recall that the James Bond novels were reissued by Penguin in hardback in 2008, with specially-commissioned covers by San Francisco-based illustrator Michael Gillette. Fast forward to 2011 and those James Bond prints have finally been reissued as artworks in their own right.

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ReCover iPhone4 Case – turn your phone into a retro gadget


Interesting idea, if you think your mobile phone is looking just a little too 'modern', you can always stick on a ReCover iPhone4 Case and throw it back in time.

It's a practical item, designed to protect our investment from bumps and scratches – just clip it on (it doesn't block your camera) and you are away. But once on, with the aid of those clever graphics, your phone starts to look like a game controller, a calculator or an SLR camera. Depending on which one you buy obviously.

Talking of buying, each one costs £12.99.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Peter McKee’s Cover Version exhibition heads to London


It initially showed in Sheffield, but from this week, you can catch Pete McKee's Cover Version exhibition in London, specifically at The Design Conspiracy.

It's a celebration of album artwork, with McKee and notable figures from art, music and graphic design re-inventing or paying tribute to their favourite vinyl sleeves. Pete McKee's Electric Ladyland is above – reworked as Electric Landlady.

Others showing art include Sir Paul Smith, Tony Husband, Kid Acne, Masrk Riley, Richard Hawley and Lord Dunsby, with his Melody artwork. You can check it out at The Design Conspiracy's new exhibition space at 12 Stukeley Street, just off Drury Lane in central London.

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Mo’Lectrics – classic moustache light switch covers


Many of you will know that it's currently Movember, a month-long charity event when moustaches are grown for charity. Well, if you can't grow a moustache, you can get one in a different way – with the Mo'Lectrics moustache light switch covers.

Oh yes, it's also a money spinner for the charity too, with 50 per cent of profits through November going to Movember, reason enough to buy. But there's another reason too – these covers feature vintage-style moustaches in a selection of colours, looking more than a little eye-catching in your home.

They retail for £2.95 or you can get a set of all nine (pictured above) for £23.

Find out more at the Mo'Lectrics website

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Cover Version art exhibition in Sheffield


We have featured Pete McKee many times in the past for his art, but you might not know that he also has a gallery in Sheffield called A Month of Sundays. It's where you'll find a new, multi-artist exhibition going by the name of Cover Version.

Several figures from the music, art and graphic design worlds have already signed up to participate, everyone from Richard Hawley and Marc Riley through to designer Sir Paul Smith and of course, McKee himself creating their own take on classic album sleeves. In case you're wondering, the image above is from the exhibition, Serge Gainsbourg's Melody by Lord Dunsby.

You'll find it at A Month of Sundays, 365 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZG from Friday September 11th through to 14th October 2010.

Find out more at the Pete McKee website

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Smartphone gets a vintage twist with the iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand


Is your iPhone just a little too modern-looking for your tastes? You need the iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand.

Yes, send it kicking and screaming back to the 80s with a rubbery sleeve that turns it into a cassette (well, kind of), while a cassette case-like structure works as a stand for your smartphone.

Ok, it's not really fooling anyone, but it's the kind of novelty that will get your iPhone noticed in a sea of similar devices. Available to pre-order now, it sells for £12.99.

Find out more at the IWOOT website