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Arcade Light Switches by AlephDesign


Great twist on a usually mundane household item – these Arcade Light Switches by AlephDesign, perfect for the retro gaming addict.

They are what are, light switches made from actual arcade machine 'push' buttons, but able to work instead of your standard light switches. Just get an electrician in and you're away.

Available in various colour combinations and available from the seller via Etst, they sell for $45 (£28.63) each.

Find out more at the Etsy website

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Mo’Lectrics – classic moustache light switch covers


Many of you will know that it's currently Movember, a month-long charity event when moustaches are grown for charity. Well, if you can't grow a moustache, you can get one in a different way – with the Mo'Lectrics moustache light switch covers.

Oh yes, it's also a money spinner for the charity too, with 50 per cent of profits through November going to Movember, reason enough to buy. But there's another reason too – these covers feature vintage-style moustaches in a selection of colours, looking more than a little eye-catching in your home.

They retail for £2.95 or you can get a set of all nine (pictured above) for £23.

Find out more at the Mo'Lectrics website