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Twinkle Clock by Decoylab

SunburstWe have featured clocks from Decoylab before but we just had to share this one with you.

Unlike the previous Decoylab clocks we've featured, the Twinkle Clock is a bit more grown up. Clearly inspired by the ubiquitous mid-century sunburst clock, the two-layered 'bursts' are made of bamboo, giving it a distinctive stripe pattern and a real vintage feel. A sustainable and stylish addition to any retro room.

The Twinkle Clock is $68 from the Decoylab Etsy store.

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Decoylabs Night Owl clock

Decoylab night owl clock

You can't have failed to notice the huge influx of owls currently appearing on homewares and stationery. Why complain when the birds featured look as nice as they do on this night owl clock made by Decoylabs? The image of the owl looks like it is taken from a children's illustrated book from the 60s or 70s but actually is the work of illustrator Maiko Kuzunishi. The clock comes in eight different colour combination and is made simply from digitally printed archival paper mounted onto board. 

It's suggested for use in a kid's room but it looks far too appealing for that! The clock costs just $30 through her Etsy site. 

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