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Handmade wooden Retro TV iPad dock at Etsy


While Apple's iPad isn't particularly retro, some of the accessories made for it certainly are. Topping that list so far is the Etch A Sketch iPad case, but giving it a run for its money is this handmade wooden Retro TV iPad dock at Etsy.

A lovely piece of design that apes a vintage TV, it has been made to custom fit an iPad or iPad 2 and should look just the part if you happen to be watching iPlayer or 4OD on your tablet.Not sure how practical it would be for more general use, but who cares…its looks great. That's the main point.

Available on Etsy, $60 or £37.99 is the price.

Find out more at the Etsy website

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Rock Dock – Nintendo NES iPhone/iPod dock


Etsy is always rich pickings for something interesting and creative, with this Rock Dock being a typical example.

It's just one example from the range of GeekUnique, which also includes quirky docks made from old kit by Atari, Sony and of course, Nintendo, throughout the years. This is of course a dock made from an 80s Nintendo NES controller, simply connect the included USB cable to your computer to charge and sync any iPhone or iPod (excluding the iPod Shuffle).

Cheap enough at a price of $34.99.

Find out more at the GeekUnique Etsy website

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