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Ella Doran Opal Formica Table

The Opal Formica Table is the first product from Ella Doran to feature her Opal pattern.

Like the Geometric Repeat pattern that was introduced last year, the Opal is a op-art design that is more subtle than Ella Doran’s more famous work. Here it is used on a table top made from Formica (always good for creating a retro look), on a James Leonard school desk-style table.

The table is available to buy from the Ella Doran website, priced £350.

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Ella Doran and Kavel Rafferty join forces for PorTables


Two Retro To Go favourites, Ella Doran and Kavel Rafferty have joined forces to make PorTables

The new collection of tableware combines Rafferty's love of vinyl with Doran's distinctive product designs. It's all based around images of a collection of vintage portable record players which have been printed onto table mats and coasters. Retro music lovers will now be able to eat to a slightly different beat. 

A set of six table mats cost £39 while six coasters will set you back £21.

Buy them online

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Ella Doran Geometric repeat range

Doran Geo-wallpaper

Ella Doran's new Geometrical Repeat range includes the company's first ever wallpaper design. The pattern is a softer take on op-art made from subtly shaded pyramid shapes. 

The design has been digitally printed onto wallpaper which costs £110 a roll. If either the price or the look of that is too much, it's also available on table mats, coasters or a tray. Alternatively you could buy them all and really make yourself or visitors see shapes! 

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