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Leopard Coat from ASOS


Though mod look fashion may be the sixties inspiration which dominates our high streets, there's a huge amount of inspiration available from across the Atlantic from the decade. This Leopard Coat from ASOS is ideal for tapping into that grittier New York style, exemplified by Andy Warhol's factory girls.

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Faux Fur Collar Coat from Oasis


While we're all still trying to make the most of the occasional glimpses of Summer time, fashion's mainstream is wasting no time in looking forward. As ever, the beginnings of the new season are available early, with Autumnal pieces like this Peggy Faux Fur Collar Coat from Oasis offering a glimpse great of things to come.

The pale camel wool helps to create a heritage feel to the main piece, with double breasted fastening and militaristic shoulders lending a cool mid-sixties feel. The retro look is given some extra oomph by the faux fur collar, allowing for that trashy glam of stars like Edie Sedgwick to come through.

It's available from Oasis for £100.

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Melise Faux Fur Coat from Boohoo Pink


With faux fur coats all the rage once more on the high street, most designs have focused on a mid sixties look or earlier. If you're feeling braver in your vintage look apparel, this Melise Faux Fur Coat from Boohoo Pink taps into a later sixties look to bring something out of the ordinary.

The coat's oversized cut, along with longer fur fibres, creates a more extreme silhouette. Tapping into the decadently trashy aesthetic of Edie Sedgwick and Nico, this coat speaks of a later sixties retro appeal that's less often seen from mainstream brands.

Get it online from Boohoo, as part of their Pink collection, for £70.

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Tweed Faux Fur Coat from Oasis


With a wardrobe item as commonly worn as Winter coats and jackets, it's often hard to find the right balance between making a statement and wearing it with everything. This Tweed Coat from Oasis manages to do just that, with a healthy dose of retro style thrown in too.

The heritage style fabrics of both tweed and (faux) fur are a starting point which allows the departure from choices which are practical but dull. The construction of this coat, with its long skirt and belted waist, combines with the oversized collar to create a sumptuous seventies-look style that won't be going out of style any time soon.

Get it now from Oasis for £120.

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Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Next


Once upon a time, before fashion's politicisation, fur was an unmistakeable signifier of your status as someone of both wealth and taste. Thanks to faux fur versions of everything, we can now achieve an homage to days gone by, without the dubious morals thrown in.

This Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Next is part of their latest sixties-inspired line, tapping into an Edie Sedgwick style. Hers was the look that tread the line between sharp style and just a little bit trashy to perfection. The swing style ideally carries the bold print and fabric choices, creating a look that's feminine without being overblown.

Get it now from Next for a thoroughly affordable £55.

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