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Folklore and Fun Plates

Etsy seller Ninainvorm specialises in ceramics and is particularly fond of mid-century designs. Many of her products are vintage ceramics that she has updated with colourful, playful twists as is the case with her Folklore and Fun Plates.

Here she has taken vintage 1960s breakfast plates and added some brightly coloured circles, hearts and bunting to the existing pattern of people in traditional Dutch folk outfits. You can buy an individual plate for around £26 (although postage from the Netherlands will bump this price up considerably) or you can order a set of six plates to be customised for you, priced around £156. Alternatively, if you don’t mind a few imperfections, there are also some “seconds” for sale, where the printing hasn’t come out quite right, priced just under £19.

Visit Ninainvorm’s Etsy shop to order.