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Revival Electric Kettle

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to retro kettles with great designs by the likes of Alessi and Delonghi now joined by this Revival Electric Kettle by Present Time.

It has a distinctive shape (possibly 1970s style) and combines chrome with bright coloured plastic for the handle, lid and base. Whilst the shape is decidedly retro, the kettle has the best of modern convenience in being cordless.

It is available with a choice of bright blue or lime green finishes from Our Green, priced £59. If you would prefer it in red or pink, you can buy it from No Brand via Amazon, for the same price.

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Mathmos Fireflow Tea-light Lava Lamp

Mathmos Fireflow Tea-light Lava Lamp is a twist on the classic lava lamp design.

It still has the iconic rocket shape, but rather than being powered by mains or battery, the lava is heated up by a simple little tea-light. It takes about 20 minutes for the lava to warm up and get moving, but one tea-light is enough to power the lamp for 3 hours. The lamp is available with a choice of blue, pink or turquoise lava in clear liquid and costs just under £30.

Buy it online from

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RetroFit TV iPhone Holder

The RetroFIt TV iPhone Holder is one of those products that combines retro style with the very latest technology.

Shaped like an old-fashioned television, your new iPhone or iPod Touch can be inserted into the holder, so it keeps it upright for you to watch videos and the like on your device. Perhaps not a hugely essential item, but at just $7.99, it might be worth a try.

Buy it online from FredFlare.

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Crosley CR92 Country Kitchen Phone

The Crosley CR92 Country Kitchen Phone is a reproduction of an early American phone from the early 1920s.

 It features a turning crank handle, a handcrafted wood and veneer cabinet and a storage compartment. Where it differs from the original design, is that what looks like a traditional rotary dial, is actually push buttons.

It is available to buy from Amazon, priced just over $63.

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Vyconic Turntable Clocks

Vyconic specialises in refurbishing old record players to create Turntable Clocks.

The old pieces of equipment have been re-painted with bright colours, a classic piece of vinyl placed on the turntable and clock mechanism added, to create a truly distinctive piece. I’m presuming that the turntables were beyond repair and the vinyl scratched, otherwise it might be seen as a waste. Prices range from £50 to over £100 depending on the turntable used.

Buy them online from the Vyconic store on Etsy.