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Handmade 1960s-style Gonks available again from Beas Beastlies


Last year, we reported how the classic 1960s Gonks were remade in limited numbers by Beas Beastlies. Well, just in time for Christmas, the Gonks are back – and this time you can buy them online.

Based on the Gonks seen in that 60s cult classic, Gonks Go Beat, they are once again being made in limited quantities by hand and using vintage fabrics to offer a very unique twist. Indeed, they even have their own names.

The one above is called Stan, the one over the page is called George, but check out the site for the full range of names and designs. All are about 18 cm tall. and 15cm wide (not including arms) and sell for £35 each.

Find out more at the Mama Bea Makes Folksy website

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