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Newsy Dress by Diane von Furstenberg


Workwear rails in most high street shops would have us all consigned to a life of ill-fitting blazers and suit pieces in a variety of drab colours. However, turning to retro designs can be just the antidote, achieving that balance between conservatism and style in your day wardrobe.

This Newsy Dress by Diane von Furstenberg is a perfect piece of stylish daywear, using a shirt dress shape to create a suitably formal silhouette, the graphic seventies-inspired print ensures there's nothing dull about it. Made from a 100% silk fabric, the colours are vibrant and head-turning, while the luxurious material allows for the shape to skim the figure in the most flattering fashion.

Get it from Matches Fashion online for £330.

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U & I Graphic Art Print by Hunter Jones

So many graphic prints look beautiful but don't say anything you could live with reading on a daily basis. This U & I print by Hunter Jones takes it's inspiration from vintage chat up lines and manages to come up with a romantic phrase that's also a type-setting pun.

The print reads "If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U & I together." in a variety of  different monochrome fonts, punctuated with a red heart. It's printed on A3 110 gsm paper and costs £20 (frame not included).

You can buy it from Supernice here.


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Edit by Edit music genre prints

Edit by edit
How do you graphically depict a musical genre? That was the challenge Edit by Edit set to various designers, resulting in 13 different music genre screen-prints.

The genres selected range from the Twist to Acid House, so there's something for every kind of music lover. Each designer was only allowed to use one graphic element and one typeface, resulting in the restrained type of artwork shown here: Mark Boyce's take on soul and Duane King's depiction of New Wave. With their simple use of shapes and colour, the designs themselves are reminiscent of the work of someone like Romek Marber in the 1960s. 

Each screen-print is A1 sized and priced $75. Or, if you're very musically minded, you can buy the whole set for $800.

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Push Me Pull You aviary mug


Forget cute and twee depictions of animals, the work created by Push Me Pull You is also inspired by our four legged, furry or feathered friends but gives them a strong graphic, retro look, such as in this aviary mug

As the name would suggest, the mug is covered with depictions of birds. The various breeds are illustrated using geometric shapes and the first reference that springs to mind is Charley Harper's work on the same subject. The Push Me Pull You look doesn't just apply to birds though – take a peek at the shop and see foxes, elephants, giraffes and many more given the same treatment. 

It's not just mugs either: the designs are available as clothing, prints and stationery. 

Prices start at $5 with this mug costing $12. 

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