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Mod Girls notebook by Rebekah Ginda

Mod girls notebook
On the look out for a fun bit of stationery? Or perhaps a new hair cut? Rebekah Ginda's Mod Girls notebook could offer you both, in an eye-catching piece of illustration. 

The German based illustrator has decorated the cover of the notebook with a repeated pattern of 60s-style haircuts. Huge eyes peer out from under heavy fringes or skull caps. Inside the pages are blank, waiting for you to fill with your own stylistic inspirations. 

The notebook costs just 3.50 Euros.

Buy it from Dewanda

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Menswear Trays from West Elm

Menswear trays

As any vintage devotee knows only too well, it isn't just the ladies that spend hours primping & preening themselves. Perfect quiffs and marvellous moustaches don't just happen by themselves.

Bring a touch of the barbershop to your home with these porcelain Menswear trays from West Elm. Available in 4 different designs and 2 sizes, the trays feature vintage sketches of essential men's grooming tools. A stylish bathroom accessory for every sartorially minded chap.

£3.95 each from West ElmSee the website for more details.

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Pearl & Ivy Liberty Print Ears Alice Band from ASOS

Add a dash of summer florals to your look with this Liberty Print Alice Ears Band from Pearl & Ivy at ASOS.

Pearl & Ivy are London-based design duo Carly Beischer and Samantha Neary. They draw their influences from vintage styling and the glamourous designs of the 1920's and 1930's.

A flexible metal band within the Liberty print fabric allows you to shape the hairband however you like; be it in a sharp bow like the one pictured here – or go all out and give yourself a pair of ears; either way you can be sure your style will go the distance.

The bow is handmade and costs £30 from ASOS.


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1940s Snood from 20th Century Foxy


Not every vintage hairstyle has to involve hours of curling & preening. Take inspiration from the 40s working girl with one of these Snoods from 20th Century Foxy.

Snoods were a popular hair accessory in the 1940s and will disguise a multitude of style sins. Use the bow to tighten into place, secure with bobby pins and voila! Perfect for maintaining your vintage chic when your barnet has seen better days. Available in 6 different colours.

£15 from 20th Century FoxySee the website for more details.

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Hairstyles: Ancient to Present

We've shown you some practical guides to vintage hairdressing but for a different approach you may want to pick up a copy of Hairstyles: Ancient to Present.

Written by Charlotte Fiell and published by her Fiell Publishing company, it's a huge doorstopper of a book: with over one thousand images and 576 pages of hair inspiration. It charts some of the most elaborate styles throughout history, going right back to ancient Greece, but with plenty of twentieth-century fancy folicles to explore too. There's the flapper bob, Twiggy's crop and the mohawk just for starters. 

It's not a cheap buy – the book is priced £49.95 and is currently available on Amazon for £47.75 – but potentially a sound investment if you are considering a new hairstyle. 

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Set of three hair pins from Vintage Lucy’s

Remember your school days when pretty hair pins ruled your hair? Now with this set of three hair pins from Vintage Lucy's it's become cool to relive those days.

Although these are strictly speaking for kids, we love their playful retro style. These three chic pins are each adorned with a funky punk-inspired design so depending on your mood and the occasion, you can chose from the cherry, flower or skull.

They're made in America and cost $12 (£8.91) but you can get them delivered in the UK for £2.55 p&p from Etsy.