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Homebase Atom 12 space age light fitting


We're not sure about this. We did feature a similarly-named light fitting at Heals a few weeks back, which looks incredibly similar to the Homebase Atom 12 light fitting. Is it the same? We're not sure, but one thing is certain – the Homebase one is considerably cheaper.

The Heals light is £175, while the Homebase take is £99.99 – and possibly even cheaper. For that money, you get a hip, 60s-style, space age light fitting made of a mix of metal and glass, those protruding arms each holding a light powered by a G4 bulb – 12 in total.

A feature light without the feature price – and as Homebase is doing 15 per cent off everything for the next two days, it's probably even cheaper than that £99.99 price too right now.

Find out more at the Homebase website