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Cirkelblomma fabric from Hus and Hem


Looking for some fabric to brighten up a dull spot? There's no excuses for not looking happy when looking at this Cirkelblomma fabric available from Hus and Hem.

The pattern has been designed by Betty Svensson and uses a colourful repeat pattern of flower heads and leaves printed onto 100% cotton. Perfect for adding a retro touch to any room. 

The fabric costs £22.95 a metre. 

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1970s Red Apple Tree Moneybox at Hus and Hem


A quirky design from the 1970s that's still being made today – this Red Apple Tree Moneybox at Hus and Hem.

It was and is made in Denmark, originally back in the late 70s and still an eye-catching design today. Use it as an ornament or for its prime use as a money box, there's a key included to get at your accumulated change and a hole so you can hang it on the wall.

Reserve one now, with a modest price of just £8.95.

Find out more at the Hus and Hem website

…and thanks to Natalie for the tip-off!

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Lotta Kuhlhorn Lindyhop coasters


We've featured Lotta Kühlhorn's colourful retro designs before and here's another stylish product from the Swedish designer, these Lindyhop coasters

The design and colour are inspired by the 1930s dance craze but the sugary colours, combined with the black patterns gives them something of a 50s feel too. Whatever decade informs their look, there's no denying they would be a colourful addition to any home. Made from Swedish birch, they're pretty practical too. 

A set of the four designs costs £13.95. 

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Paradisverkstan pink stripe vase


A contemporary ceramic but this Paradisverkstan pink stripe vase is a perfect finishing touch to a 50s style room. 

The Fifties feel comes from those pastel stripes which go perfectly with the classic shape of the vase. There's a couple of equally attractive variations on the website too, showing the vase with green or brown stripes. The Paradisverkstan pottery has a good heritage too: though it doesn't stretch back to the 50s, they have been producing ceramics in Sweden since 1976. 

This vase costs £55. 

Buy it from Hus and Hem

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70s apple tree money box


Give your kids an alternative to raiding the piggy bank, with this apple tree money box which has a design dating back to the 1970s. 

This fun and bright plastic design has been helping Danish children save up their krone for almost forty years. Also available in red, the tree opens on the back for access to the money and there's a slot on the back so it can be displayed on the wall. 

For £8.95 it's perfect in proving that money really can grown on trees. 

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