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1960s-style Safari Park ceramic elephant money box at Paperchase

We have mentioned the super-collectable Carltonware money boxes in the past, wonderful 1960s designs that are very sought after today and as such, sometimes quite pricey. This Safari Park ceramic elephant money box at Paperchase doesn’t look a million miles away from them.

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Vintage-style Otto Owl money box by Emma Silk


Pennies make pounds and pounds make quite a nice little stash of cash, especially if you stash yours in this Otto Owl money box by Emma Silk.

It's a very cool vintage-style box, perfect both as an ornament and as a place to save up all that loose change. When it's full, no need to smash it either – there's a stopper on the bottom.

Made of bone china, it sells for £16.

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Arcade Machine Money Box


Want a good excuse to save money? Then invest in this Arcade Machine Money Box, newly-arrived at Firebox.

Yes, it's a mini replica of an old arcade cabinet. Just slip in a coin and in return, you'll get two minutes of Space Invaders-style gaming from Earth Defenders for two minutes. Want more? Stikc in another coin. It'll soon mount up, just as long as you don't spend all that money on replacement batteries.

2x AAA batteries keeps things running, £14.99 secures you one.

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