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Cast Factory money box from Eclectic by Tom Dixon


We're used to seeing large items for the home from Tom Dixon, but now there's a range of smaller pieces, going by the name Eclectic by Tom Dixon. The Cast Factory money box is just one of them.

Look familiar? Well, the official description has this as being modelled on a British factory from the industrial revolution era. But we can't get the Factory Records logo from the 1980s out of our head, which also looked like the inspiration for the equally hip Factory Ashtray by Chris Koens and Ramón Middelkoop.

Regardless of where the inspiration came from we love the Cast Factory, which is manufactured in cast aluminium with a hard-wearing black powder coating and space for coins to be slotted through small openings concealed in the factory’s roof.

£95 gets you one.

Find out more at the Tom Dixon website

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