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eBay Watch: Philips Patrice Dupont space age record player

If you want to know what’s what in the world of 60s and 70s space age design, you need a copy of the L’Utopie Du Tout Plastique catalogue (we’ll have to feature that one day). If you have a copy, turn to page 123 and check out this Philips space age record player, designed by Patrice Dupont in 1969.

There’s one available on eBay right now, currently at a criminally cheap price. It’s a smart piece of design, incredibly eye-catching and perfect for 60s-styled home. The round record player is the size of an LP, can also play 45s and even has a battery compartment the size of a 45. There’s also a retractable handle and volume control wheel.

Seems to be on good condition and currently selling for a very cheap £31. If you’re after a stylish record player, seriously consider this one.

See the full listing on the eBay website

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