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1950s Christmas Bustle tea towel

Christmas bustleAfter your Christmas dinner, continue the festive feel to your washing and drying up courtesy of this Christmas Bustle tea towel

Another great design found in the archive of Swedish firm Almedahls, this was originally designed by Aune Laukkanen in the 1950s. It's a suitably jolly design showing lines of elves readying the Christmas feast. Apparently providing a stack of tea towels is a traditional Swedish gift for hostesses – if that's a tradition you want to revive, surely this should be top of the pile? 

The tea towel costs $16. 

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Lotta Kuhlhorn Eva tea towels

More retro-styled designs from the hands of Lotta Kuhlhorn – in this case this colourful and, dare I say it, festive Eva tea towel

The illustration shows a well-stocked kitchen shelf, with everything from foodstuffs like apples, pretzels and sausages to kitchen implements like rolling pins and pots and pans. There's a definite 50s look to the design, not dissimilar to some of Louise Fougstedt's designs from the same decade (now available at New House Textiles). And, with that candy cane that's pictured it does have something of a Christmassy feel and could be worth getting as a stocking filler. 

Also available in red, as well as the green version shown above, the tea towel costs $18.

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