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Colour Me Good 90s colouring book


Are the 90s retro yet? Well, at the least if you're after the next stop on from I Love Mel's 80s colouring book, take a look at the range book in the range, the Colour Me Good 90s version. 

It's exactly the same idea as before: popular culture icons of the decade ready for you to attack with your best colouring pencils. The 90s edition gives you the Fresh Prince, Twin Peaks and the Rachel haircut amongst many other memorable/ideally forgotten stars of the period. 

Plenty of fun to be had, and the book will only cost you £7.

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80s colouring book by I Love Mel

80s colouring book

We've featured a surprising number of colouring books on the site over the years: architecture, sneakers, Warhol and even Joy Division. Now you can get out your favourite felt tips, and maybe a few fluorescent markers too, for this 80s colouring book by I Love Mel

The latest in Mel's Colour Me Good range of colouring books, this book features some of the decades most famous symbols of pop culture: there's the Brat pack, Simon Le Bon, Jim'll Fix It, Phillip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher, alongside favourite 80s toys such as Mr Frosty and the humble roller skate. 

All those memories and the book costs just £7. 

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