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Selfridges Selection sweets

Selfridges sweeets

We've got a sweet tooth here at Retro To Go (or in other words, send us sweet things!), so it's hardly a surprise that we're tempted by the Selfridges Selection range of sweets.

They're old fashioned style sweets, such as strawberry and creams, sherbet pips, cola cubes and the rhubarbs and custards that are pictured, which are all handmade using traditional methods. Each style of sweets is sold in a retro style bottle, complete with retro Selfridges lettering. Great to give as a present – and probably even better to scoff for yourself. 

The sweets cost £5.09 a jar. 

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Betsy Jarvis’s vintage-style larder labels

Betsy larder
More retro food and drink goodness here, this time from a slightly different era to the milk bottle jugs featured earlier today. Betsy Jarvis makes larder labels, perfect for adding a vintage touch to your store cupboards.

They're a set of simple unbleached labels that tie onto storage jars. Let them know your requirements and they can customize the labels to whatever you need: tea, sugar, flour or other baking stuffs. Each label has been stained and frayed to give it a well-loved and vintage look. 

If you like the look of these, be sure to check out the rest of her shop – featuring cushions in the same unbleached, vintage style. 

A set of five costs £12.99. Sets of ten labels are also available. 

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