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Smartie Lid Alphabet Print

SmartieRemember collecting the lids off your Smarties' tubes? Well here's a complete set composed into this Smartie Lid Alphabet Print.

These days Smarties come in a hexagonal tube with a rather disappointing paper lid. Back when they still came in a proper round tube each one was capped with a plastic lid featuring a letter of the alphabet, which has inspired this screen print from Mr Gresty.

The print is signed and numbered and a limited edition of 35. It's A2 size and costs £55 from online retro sweet store Check it out here.

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Love Heart stamps

Love hearts
Love Hearts are continually popular sweets, instantly recognisable for their distinctive shape, and declarations of desire. Add some of its sweetness to your correspondence with these Love Heart stamps

One of the latest products from Suck UK, this is a set of self-inking stamps, shaped like the original sweets. The stamps declare 'love you', 'call me', and 'smile': let's just hope the object of your affection remains as loved over the years as the original sweets are. 

A set of the stamps costs £5. 

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Selfridges Selection sweets

Selfridges sweeets

We've got a sweet tooth here at Retro To Go (or in other words, send us sweet things!), so it's hardly a surprise that we're tempted by the Selfridges Selection range of sweets.

They're old fashioned style sweets, such as strawberry and creams, sherbet pips, cola cubes and the rhubarbs and custards that are pictured, which are all handmade using traditional methods. Each style of sweets is sold in a retro style bottle, complete with retro Selfridges lettering. Great to give as a present – and probably even better to scoff for yourself. 

The sweets cost £5.09 a jar. 

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Hope and Greenwood’s Life is Sweet book

Life is Sweet

Those with a sweet tooth will probably already be fans of Hope and Greenwood's tasty retro confectionery, sold through two stores in London and online. If you're after an extra sugary kick, you'll be pleased to hear they've gathered fifty of their favourite recipes together in this new book, Life is Sweet

From coconut ice to cinder toffee to old-fashioned fudge, they're all here and beautifully photographed and illustrated in a suitably retro style with all the humour you expect from the Hope and Greenwood folks. For £12.99, it's a simple way to make life taste a little bit sweeter. 

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